COVID 19 Update

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Good afternoon business partners, 
As we’re all now experiencing, the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has upended the daily lives of most Americans. I’m reaching out to inform you that in an effort to protect the health and wellbeing of our workforce and their families, Gen3 is operating at full capacity, 100% remotely. Investments in technology have our team well positioned to continue to serve you and your clients through the duration of this shutdown. 
On a daily basis we’re in contact with our many carrier partners, and I’m happy to say that each and every one has implemented their remote business continuity plans and have not missed a beat. New business continues to be processed in a timely manner, agent services teams remain responsive, and commissions continue to be paid. If there are any interruptions in carrier operations, new protocols, etc. we’ll work to deliver that info to you as soon as possible. 
We’re all in this together. In an effort to help everyone make the most of their time at home, we’ll be launching some educational initiatives in the coming days. This will include emails with useful ideas as well as webcasts that you can enjoy whenever you like as we all ride this thing out. 
On behalf of our family and the entire Gen3 team, we appreciate your continued partnership and wish yourself and your family well during these unprecedented times. When the sun shines at the end of this moment in history, I’m confident we’ll all be stronger personally, professionally, and as an industry in general.

If there’s anything you need, please don’t hesitate to call, text, or email.

Mac Chrystal 
Gen3 Advisor Group

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