FlexMark Select—10 Client-Friendly Reasons

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    1. Flexible Rate Banding.
      Increased accumulation potential with banded rate options for each index strategy—upgraded band and standard band.
    2. Upgraded Earnings Potential.
      Fee option on each index strategy
      allows clients to receive higher rates for greater earnings potential (not available in MN, PA, UT, and WA).
    3. Proprietary Index.*
      Two index strategies based on a multi-asset proprietary index—available with or without a fee.
    4. No-Cap Strategies.*
      Three no-cap strategies with a participation rate offer higher accumulation potential.
    5. No-Cost Income Rider.**
      Basic GLWB Income Rider included at no cost.
    6. Upgraded Income Riders.**
      Option to upgrade to a MyFit Income Ridersm with 6% compound premium accumulation rate and choice of level OR lifestyle payout option.
    1. Income Booster.
      Payouts doublefor qualifying declining health if clients choose the MyFit Income Ridersm With Booster.
    2. 20% Liquidity Potential.
      Extra one-time 10% emergency access for qualifying events—in addition to 10% penalty-free withdrawals each year after Year 1 (not available in CA).
    3. Premium Bonus.
      Optional vesting premium bonus to jump-start earnings:

      • 6% on FlexMark Selectsm Plus.
      • 4% on FlexMark Selectsm LT Plus.
      • 2% on FlexMark Selectsm LT Plus in CA.
    4. Strong Carrier.
      Offered by “A” rated††Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., a company with 130 years of experience.

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In approved states, FlexMark Selectsm Index Annuities (Form 2705) and riders are issued by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. (Ameritas), located at 5900 O Street, Lincoln, NE 68510. Products are distributed by Legacy Marketing Group®. Ameritas, Legacy Marketing Group®, and Mac Chrystal are separate, independent entities. FlexMark Selectsm Index Annuities are single premium deferred annuities that offer a fixed interest option and index interest options. The index options are not securities. Keep in mind, your clients are not participating in the market or investing in any stock or bond. Policies, index strategies, and riders may vary and may not be available in all states. Optional features and riders may have limitations, restrictions, and additional charges. Product guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. Refer to brochures for additional details. FlexMark Selectsm and MyFit Income Ridersm are service marks of Legacy Marketing Group®. Unless otherwise specified, any individual or entity referenced herein is not an affiliate of Ameritas or any of its affiliates.
Withdrawals may be subject to income tax. If withdrawals are made before age 59½, they also may be subject to an IRS penalty tax. Ameritas, Legacy Marketing Group®, and their authorized representatives do not give legal or tax advice. It is recommended that tax advisers be consulted.
* Multi-year and fee strategies not available in all states.
** Multi-year and fee strategies not available in all states.
† Available for an annual charge of 0.95% for the MyFit Income Ridersm and 1.05% for the MyFit Income Ridersm With Booster (not available in all states).
†† A (Excellent) for financial strength and operating performance by A.M. Best, the third highest of 15 ratings. Rating as of 6/15/2017. Ameritas Mutual Holding Company’s ratings include Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. and Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York.



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