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Learn how Your Family Bank agents have been able to sell over $900,000,000 of Life Insurance by addressing an issue most insurance agents and financial planners never look at… DEBT.

Ask yourself the following questions….

Are your clients 100% sure they’re going to have a great retirement, or do they have some doubt?

What if we could show you how to get your clients out of debt in 9 years or less, including their mortgage, without spending any additional money than they are spending right now?

The Your Family Bank concept provides a solution for paying off debt, reducing taxes and increasing retirement savings using a safe, predictable product that provides guarantees. YFB can show your clients how to be free from lenders in 10 years or less, including your mortgage, without spending any additional dollars.

  • Reduce the volume of interest you are paying to lenders.
  • Get out of debt in half the time as your current schedule.
  • Increase your cash-flow.
  • Decrease your taxes.
  • Save for college.
  • Retire with tax-favored income.

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